Sewing Machine Award Application

Please review the checklist of items you will need before you Apply
ALL images MUST be CLEAR and legible in order to be considered acceptable

  • IMAGE – A snapshot of your current report card
  • IMAGE or PDF DOCUMENT – Acceptance Letter/Email from school where you will continue your journey in Fashion
  •  VIDEO – Short Video where you declare HOW IMPORTANT A SEWING MACHINE is for you (+/- 1 min. 30 sec.) Will be asked to be attached to Application
  • Post Video on IG and tag our leading sponsor @LESDowntown – @powerofoneforall – @fashionhighnyc AND the SCHOOL you will be going to

You do not have to wait to start posting YET you MUST include all tags and include these hashtags


Lastly, by applying you are SINCERELY CONFIRMING and HONESTLY ATTESTING to NOT currently owning a sewing machine.

This Non-Profit organization was created
to serve students with urgent financial needs
At this time of great financial uncertainty, every dime
a family can save for shelter, food, necessary bills is vital
Our opportunity can be a sigh of relief for these families
Assist With Young People’s Dreams Coming True

Thank you to all of you have donated and keep donating!

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