Carole Lee Bergman Award


Humanitarian Excellence

Carole Lee Bergman was an adult I needed when I was young. She was my ‘bubby’, at times when I needed someone to lift me up and when I needed ‘a good talking to’ as any young adult needs; she was there. She was a Breast Cancer survivor and dedicated years to raise funds for the NYC Annual Breast Cancer Walk.

The Carole Lee Bergman Scholarship for Excellence in Humanitarian Service will be awarded to a student who has distinguished themselves by meritorious direct “hands-on” participation in ongoing acts or operations of a humanitarian nature directed toward an individual or groups of individuals

Documentation must provide evidence which substantiates on site participation in a humanitarian act or operation. Nomination should cover a period of service during which the individual performed significant humanitarian actions, deeds, or achievements. 

Examples of Humanitarian Acts

  • Achievements deserving recognition must be submitted in writing to Power of One for All, Inc. via email for approval using student HSFI email
  • Once approved, achievements must be documented in files such as commendation letters, Word Doc’s, Google Doc’s and/or images in a self titled Google Folder shared with
  • Annual monetary award will be given at the end of the school – Initial award for 1st year applicants can start at $100 – Amount can increase dependent on donations.
  • Award winners are eligible and encouraged to apply annually – Second time winners will receive increase of award
  • Award winners with consistent documented annual wins qualify for major award upon graduation

Online Applications for this award will go LIVE in 2021

“Look at all you have accomplished. When you feel like beating yourself up, just look at all you have done for yourself. Let that motivate you to do more.”

Carole Lee

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