With a name like ‘Chanel’

give me fashion or give me death sydney schennel/18yo/new yorker/aspiring fashion designer, ready-to-wear and couture are my passion as you see between my unique transitionsi feel like this is my destiny because I’ve wanted this from such a young age, i know nothing else.. enjoy the show These are the words of Sydney Schennel. WithContinue reading “With a name like ‘Chanel’”

Carole Lee

Carole Lee BergmanOctober 19, 1933 – November 19, 2016 She was my “Jewish mom,” but she would correct me and say instead, “aunt, you’re younger aunt.” Beautifully vain, wonderfully humorous, and incredibly resilient, Carole was a feminist and activist who believed in the power of societal good and community service. Carole was an adult IContinue reading “Carole Lee”

Celebrating 50 Years of PRIDE

Every June, millions of Americans celebrate the culture, struggles, and victories of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community during Pride month. These celebrations often culminate in a Pride parade. This year marks 50 years since the Christopher Street Liberation Day March on June 28, 1970 Christopher street is located in Chelsea, High School of Fashion Industries happens to be nestledContinue reading “Celebrating 50 Years of PRIDE”

What you need to win a Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Award Application Please review the checklist of items you will need before you Apply ALL images MUST be CLEAR and legible in order to be considered acceptable: IMAGE or PDF DOCUMENT – Schedule from current college with Fashion as your major – current students submit your HSFI schedule  VIDEO – Short Video whereContinue reading “What you need to win a Sewing Machine”

Our contribution to the Movement

On March 16th, a roll of fabric was taken down from fashion design classroom 429 to the lobby of Fashion High, to hand over to LES Downtown‘s CEO Lisa Rosa after running an idea by her, ‘what do you think about making masks?‘ Our president knew Lisa would be ‘down for whatever’, because that’s theContinue reading “Our contribution to the Movement”

Making Masks Happen – Ode to our ONES

It almost always takes more than ONE person to make an effort happen, to bring an idea to life. Our initial goal is to awaken the potential within our high school students by giving them the opportunity to afford special items that can make their high school years memorable and your donations have done justContinue reading “Making Masks Happen – Ode to our ONES”

In the face of a pandemic – how ONE can help

As the entire country rallies together to flatten the curve against the COVID-19 crisis, needs within the health care are increasing. Shortage of supplies needed to combat the rise of contagion is alarmingly real and in times like this, we must think outside the box. Just as in WWII times, when the products of someContinue reading “In the face of a pandemic – how ONE can help”