This page is dedicated to our ONES.

The premise of our existence is to witness, document and confirm how ONE person or entity can enact change hence the name – Power of ONE

And to thank them, if they allow, we will feature them here


MASK CAMPAIGN was made possible through the generosity of the following ONES:

Daniel & Joe – Dante Sandoli – Beth Jacowitz – Leyla Castler – Meltem Conant

Wendy Gleckner – Nancy Gruetzner – Jessie Palacio – Hilary and Bonnie Sandoli

Damiana May – Sierra Development Company and our ongoing Leading Sponsor LESdowntown


LESdowntown is a pioneering company representing Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Trans-Queer fashion. The brainchild established 2012 of our Vice-President, Lisa Rosa has evolved to include high end, luxury and bespoke tailoring after discovering its unmet need.

LESdowntown offers sales proceeds to our students, not only financially but more importantly in the form of compensated internships, where students build their resume’. They develop their soft skills, ever so important in any job market, as well as their tailoring skills by servicing A list clients in fittings of diverse wears.


ONE’s that made Kevin’s Memorable High School Experience happen:

John James GaffneyBen Russell (HSFI Photography Instructor) – Michelle Cheuveret – Elise Zubrovich – Vita Vaccaro – Taide Broadbelt – Cindy Severino – Adrian Carranza – Laurel Newport – Bruce Liu

Thank you – because of yOu, a studeNt livEd, not just existed.

You are the adult they needed.


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